A Power-up, is a type of equipment that is prominent in all four games in the Sly Cooper series. All three of the game's protagonists – Sly, Bentley and Murray – are all capable of using power-ups. Power-ups vary from disguises that distract enemies to upgraded attacks. Most take up bits of the Focus Meter

In Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Sly, Bentley, and Murray all have their own personal power-up menus called the "gadget grid," which can be accessed by pressing the SELECT button during the game. When brought up, power-ups can be assigned to either the L1, L2 or R2 buttons. This means that the characters mentioned above can have up to three powers assigned at a time.

[edit] List of all power-ups

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus - These power-ups can only be used by Sly.

Dive – Sly does dive while twirling his cane and ends with a somersault. This can be also used as an attack.

Roll – Sly rolls at high speeds. This can be used to go through quicker. Or used for speedrunners.

Slow – Slows down gameplay.

Mine – Sly throws his hat, and detonates it with his cane. You should be careful with this power-up, if you are too close to the hat and you detonate it you will lose a horseshoe or a life.

Fast – Speeds up gameplay.

Decoy – Sly tosses a black cardboard cutout of himself. This causes the guards to go after the cutout instead of Sly himself.

Stun – Sly hits his cane to the ground, causing all guards to freeze in time for 5 seconds. This power-up is only avaliable after Sly completes the game. So it is essentially useless by then.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Sly: Smoke Bomb – Sly sets off a bomb that blocks the enemy's line of sight. Perfect for a getaway. Combat Dodge – When fighting an enemy, Sly can perform dodges by pressing the assigned button. Insanity Strike - Makes enemies attack eachother. Voltage Attack - Kills guards instantly. Stealth Slide – A quiet and faster way to get around. Alarm Clock – Sly throws an Alarm Clock, which can distract an enemy. Paraglider – Sly will launch a parachute while in the air. Makes for a good and smooth descent. Thief Reflexes – Slows down gameplay. Silent Obliteration – A silent and faster way of taking out enemies while they haven't seen Sly. Feral Pounce – Allows Sly to jump longer distances than he can with a normal double jump.

Bentley: Trigger Bomb – A bomb that you can throw and detonate at any time. Size Destabilizer – Activates the crossbow to make them shrink for a few seconds when hit. Snooze Bomb – A bomb that will make guards around its blast fall asleep. Adrenaline Burst – Bentley will immediately run faster than normal. Health Extractor – Bentley will throw out a mine-like item, and activate it near a guard. The guard will be sucked up and a health pack will go to Bentley. Hover Pack – A jetpack for Bentley. Reduction Bomb – A bomb that makes guards around its blast shrink. Temporal Lock – Freeze time around the guards temporarily.

Murray: Fists of Flame – Murray will clap into the air, turning his fists on fire. Any enemy hit will be killed instantly. This uses the Focus Meter. Turnbuckle Launch – By holding the assigned powerup button, Murray will jump higher. Juggernaut Throw – Anything Murray throws explodes on impact. Atlas Strength – Murray can jump and run while carrying a guard. Raging Inferno Flop – A fiery thunder flop that kills guards. Berserker Charge – Rush straight forward to scatter guards. Guttural Roar – Roar out loud to scare guards. Diablo Fire Slam – Murray slams a guard down to trigger a deadly firestorm.

Vault power-ups: Knockout Dive – Sly dives into an enemy to knock them out while spinning his cane. Insanity Strike – Sly sets his spiced cane so whenever he hits two or more enemies, they attack each other. Voltage Attack – Sly electrifies his cane so whenever he hits an enemy, they are shocked and die instantly. Long Toss – Both Sly and Bentley will be able to toss gadgets farther. Rage Bomb – Sly will throw a bomb including spice. When it hits an enemy, that enemy will attack other fellow guards. Music Box – Sly will throw a music box onto the ground. Guards near it will fall asleep. Lightning Spin – Sly will spin while doing a shockwave with his cane. The enemies nearby will be electrocuted and instantly die. Shadow Power – Sly will turn invisible, but can't attack or pick pocket.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves:

Sly: Smoke Bomb Knockout Dive Combat Dodge Paraglider Rocket Boots – A quick getaway from enemies. Silent Obliteration Feral Pounce Thief Reflexes Shadow Power Level 1 Shadow Power Level 2 – The evolution of the original Shadow Power, Sly now has the ability to use other power-ups, pickpocket, and attack while invisible. Treasure Map – A map that will be required for challenges and jobs in Blood Bath Bay. Venice Disguise – Sly will wear a disguise that fools guards in Venice. Photographer Disguise - Sly will wear a disguise that will fool the guards in China. Pirate Disguise – Sly will wear a disguise that will fool the guards in Blood Bath Bay.

Bentley: Trigger Bomb Fishing Pole – This is Bentley's device for Pickpocketing (Also known as P-P-P; Pick-Pocket-Pole). Alarm Clock Adrenaline Burst Health Extractor Insanity Strike Grapple-Cam – A camera that can be used for distracting and attracting guards, including a grappling arm. Size Destabilizer Rage Bomb Reduction Bomb Hover Pack

Murray: Be the Ball – Murray curls into a ball and can bounce around the map Berserker Charge Juggernaut Throw Guttural Roar Fists of Flame Temporal Lock Raging Inferno Flop Diablo Fire Slam

Carmelita Fox: Heatseeker Mega Jump Hypnotize Teleport

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: Sly: Paraglider - Press and hold R1 Button to glide. Cane Swat Combo - During combat quickly press the Square Button then the Triangle Button. Mega Charge Attack - Hold the Triangle Button and then release it to launch attack. Silent Obliteration - While sneaking behind an enemy quickly press the Triangle Button and then the Square Button Rail Sprint - While on any rail press and hold R1 Button to sprint. Steerable Cane Spin - Allows Sly to steer his Cane Spin attack using L Stick. Smoke Bomb - Press L1 Button to drop a smoke bomb. Meter Recharger - Automatically recharges the Gadget Meter in the blink of an eye. Run While Charging - Allows Sly to run while charging using L Stick. Flash Bomb - Press L1 Button to drop a flash bomb. Moving Pickpocket - Allows Sly to move while attempting to pickpocket. Sprint While Charging - Allows Sly to sprint while charging by holding down R1 Button. Cane Push - Double tap R1 Button. Paraglider Dive Attack - Allows Sly to dive down and attack a target while paragliding by Pressing Square Button. Silent Sprint - Hold down R1 Button to sprint, the nearby guards won't hear Sly's footsteps. Air Smash - Jump and press Triangle Button.

Bentley: Sleep Ammo - Press and hold L2 Button to select this ammunition that allows Bentley to shoot sleep darts and throw sleep bombs. Adrenaline Burst - Double tap R1 Button to boost away from enemies. Uses the Focus Meter. Bomb Kick - Press Square Button before the bomb drops on the ground to kick it forward. Shock Ammo Trigger Bomb - Press R2 Button to trigger the bomb's detonation. Heat Seeking Confusion Ammo Multi Bomb Throwing Shield Bomb Blast v2.0 Shrink Ammo Scorching Hover Pack Bomb Drop v2.0 Bend it like Bentley Homing Darts Meter Recharger Adrenaline Burst Plus Moving Pickpocketing

Murray: Elbo El Drop'o Combo - During combat quickly press Square Button, then the Triangle Button.. Mega Charge Attack - Press and hold Triangle Button, release it to launch attack. El Drop'o Looty Shake Steerable Fist Spin Clothesline - Double tap R1 Button. Juggernaut Throw Fists of Flame Run While Charging Raging Inferno Flop Light as a Feather Dukes of Dynamite Sprint While Charging Clothesline a lo Macho Diablo Fire Slam Licks of Lightning Cuffs of Confusion Meter Recharger Mega Stomp El Drop'o a lo Macho

Carmelita: Super Jump - Press and hold R2Button, then press XButton. Charge Shot - Hold R1Button and then release it to unleash a dangerous charge shot. Stun Shot - Press R1Button to fire a stun shot. Triple Shot - Press R1Button to fire 3 spread projectiles per shot. Auto Fire - Hold R1Button for continuous fire.

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