Jean Bison

Jean Bison
As shown in Band of Thieves
Gender Male
First Appearance Sly 2: Band of Thieves


[edit] History

[edit] Time Displacement

Jean Bison was a mining prospector in Canada of 1852, but got buried alive from an avalanche. However, the avalanche kept him preserved and eventually thawed out thanks to global warming a hundred and twenty years later.

[edit] The Klaww Gang

The Klaww Gang hired Jean Bison to use some of Clockwerk's parts for speeding up spice shipments and clear-cutting forests.

[edit] The Trains

[edit] The Lumberjack Games

Jean Bison uses the Clockwerk Talons to clearcut dozens of trees as fast as possible. He learned that the Cooper Gang decided to join his Lumberjack Games, to his frustration. He threw the talons at them and knocked them out. He secretly sold all of the Clockwerk parts the Cooper Gang had to Arpeggio.

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