Dimitri Lousteau

Dimitri Lousteau is a reformed member of The Klaww Gang and a reliable ally to Sly Cooper.


[edit] History

[edit] Early Life

Dimitri was raised by his deep-sea diving grandfather, Reme Lousteau. Unfortunately, his grandfather never came back. This gave him the idea to become an underworld celebrity in Paris. He wanted to make his own art style called kinetic aesthetic. However, the art critics did not like it. As a result, he forged tons of art masterpieces and owns a nightclub.

[edit] The Klaww Gang

Dimitri was hired by Arpeggio of The Klaww Gang to use his lights as part of their plot. He was given Clockwerk's tail feathers to print forged money.

[edit] Personality

Dimitri is known for his extroverted personality and his unconventional speech. It is revealed he learned English from rap music videos. For example, he says that his suit is "greasy sweet".

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